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PRODUCTS - Rotary Tablet Press

PZ-ZERO series
Laboratory rotary tablet press
Technical design
PZ-UNO Series
Rotary tablet press for laboratory and medium production - single or double layer
Technical design
PZ-TRE series
Rotary tablet press for laboratory and medium production - 3 layers
The compact three layers rotary tablet press.
PZ-TRE is a compact mid size rotary tablet press that fullfills GMP and FDA (CFR 21 part 11) regulation.
This machine has been designed for the production of the three layers tablets with control of the compression force of all three groups of pressure, allowing individual adjustment of weight and the reject of the single tablet out of limits set.
All this had been achieved by maintaining the overall small dimension of the machine, so as to be suitable even for laboratory use, allowing to produce single layer, double layer and three layers tablets.


Technical design