Pharmaceutical Coating Equipment and Pelletizers

Our equipments are the answer to your tablet coating project needs. Our drum coating, using the unique Blow Master is able to perform a high quality coating.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment combines the need for a flexible solution with high quality and high performance and low utilities consumption. Our equipment are LEI Low Environmental Impact , in accordance to cGMP, with PLC -PC control system and provide high reliability. Our systems are able to work any kind of shape of cores, tablets, pellets and any kind of process as Eudragit NE 30 D pellet coating , Eudragit L30 D55 enteric coating , Eudragit RL control release , Opadry, Ssepic, Hhpm606 for tablet sugar coating and so on.

Automatic powder dosing and powder layering for all our coating equipment is available.

Confectionary Coating Equipment

Our equipments are the answer to your sugar coating project needs, a candy manufacturing equipment and machinery supplier with automatic hard or soft sugar coating spraying using the unique Blow Master. Our systems perform high results with:

  • Chocolate coating
  • Peanuts coating
  • Nuts coating
  • Almonds coating
  • Hazelnut coating
  • Gum coating

Our candy manufacturing equipment combines the need for a flexible solution with high quality and high performance and low energy consumption. Our equipment is designed in accordance with PLC -PC control system and provides high reliability. Our systems are able to deliver a high quality sugar or thin film coating basic for hard candy or soft candy.

Perforated Coating Pan PSC Elite

Perforated Super Coater Model PSC Elite combines The unique coating pan design with unmatched coating performance. Our perforated coating system is a highly innovative technology with a new concept design able to move the coating process in a new era.

Blow MasterTM (it. patent pending device N° MI 2009A001281) is able to change completely the concept of blowing inlet air in the perforated drum of a coating pan. Blow MasterTM air diffuser is able to force 100% of the tightly controlled heating inlet air through the product bed itself just after the spraying area. Air dispersion through the perforations or the coating pan drum not covered by the tablets, typical of conventional perforated coaters, is completely eliminated.

Blow MasterTM Advantages

  • Short process time
  • Reduction of a minimum of 50% the utilities consumption compared with conventional perforated coating pans
  • High yield, less than 2% of product loss.

A combination of external nozzles and internal sprayballs guarantees an efficient cleaning system of the coating pan.


"3D Shark fin baffles" combine the highest mixing efficiency with very gentle product handling.
Baffles are suitable for any kind ofproduct and batch size. No spare baffles are required.


Thanks to Blow MasterTM and 3D bafflesTM, SWC Elite coating pans have the ability to work at 15% of the maximum batch capacity in the same drum without any modification. AC Frequency control for differential pressure control and drum speed.

Perforated Coating Pan PC Classic

Quality for an highly reliable conventional perforated coating pan: the latest technology features at a competitive price.

It is an high-efficiency, energy saving, safe coating pan for processing tablets with organic film, aqueous, slow and controlled release film and sugar coating.


  • The control system of the coating pan consists of PLC and HMI. Touch screen 10" Simatic Siemens panel view. The design is ergonomic and programming is easy and flexible.
  • The coating system peristaltic pump, WM type, with constant pressure delivers a constant rate. The quantity of sprayed coating suspension is balanced automatically, thereby stabilizing the effect of atomization, preventing the spray gun from clogging.
  • The Schlick® spray guns are specially designed for film coating machine with even atomization and large coverage of spraying. material.
  • Control and display the negative pressure in coating pan.
  • Control and display supply air volume to the coating system
  • Control and display the temperature.
  • Minimum batch size 60% of the total capacity
  • Screw on or welded traditional baffles
  • Filter bag dust collector
  • Unloading system by front connecting chute

Specialized in the supply of machine for the farmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry

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