DLOV / DLOM / DLOD series

Saturated steam sterilizers

DLOH / DLOH-B series

Saturated steam sterilizers for hospital use

DLOAV series

Air/steam mixture sterilizers

DLOS series

Superheated water sterilizers

DLOG / DLOG-V series

Ethylene oxide sterilizers

DLVS / DLVD series

Vertical saturated steam sterilizers

DLV CAB series

Monobloc vertical saturated steam sterilizers

DLST-L series

Dry heat hovens for sterilization and depyrogenation Class 5 ISO 14644-1-2

DLDR series

Hot air static dryers

DLDR-V series

Static dryers under vacuum

DLSG series

Steam generators for pharmaceutical use

Specialized in the supply of machine for the farmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry

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