Semiautomatic Machines and Closing Heads

Semiautomatic Machines and Closing Head

The CMC Closing Systems snc works in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food with the production  of closing heads and bench machines for small production lots. The MISSION has always aimed at providing high quality products in order to allow anybody to manufacture in full compliance with European health norms related to safety at work, protection of the environment, quality of the product and safety of machines. CMC Closing Systems develop and manufacture equipment according to customer requirements and personalised through prototypes as well as simple and functional semi-automatic machines, adapted to samples and compliant with Italian and European laws. The care and satisfaction of our customers is one of the main objectives of the company that is ready to satisfy individual requirements. CMC Closing Systems has qualified personnel for development, directly using CAD in 3D, aimed at welcoming changes in the market of technological innovation to the advantage of the customer and his requirements in terms of personalisation. The machines are delivered complete with a compliance statement according to EC norms and with a relative user and maintenance manual. The equipment is tested and marked with a specific plate and EC mark. The products and equipment offered are classified according to construction type and capacities that are unique in Italy, developed and manufactured within the company by qualified and specialised technicians.

Products List
- Capping Head TF/1000-4 series - Stainless Steel
- Capping Head TI/M series - Stainless Steel
- Capping Head TF/1000-3 series - Stainless Steel
- Semiautomatic Capping Machine CM/R-E 500
- Semiautomatic Capping Machine CM/R-E 600
- Semiautomatic Capping Machine CM/P 500
- Manual Capping Machine with Lever CM/M 500
- Manual Capping Machine with Lever CM/M MIGNON
- Capping Station MTZ

Specialized in the supply of machine for the farmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry

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