Who we are

Located in the metropolitan area of Bologna, called the "Packaging Valley", Prenex began its rise in 1985.

Tradition and experience have been constantly renewed, making Prenex a leading supplier in the Italian, EU and non-EU markets of processing and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food sectors. Its market presence is guaranteed by an open vision of globalisation, focused on the needs of its target sectors.

Prenex products portfolio:

  • Wide range of semi-automatic machines for low-scale productions
  • Fluid bed dryer and granulator
  • Coating systems
  • Processing plants for pharmaceutical solutions
  • Softgel encapsules production equipments
  • Capsule filling machines
  • Rotary tablet press machines
  • Inspection & Quality control equipments
  • Aseptic/Steril equipments
  • Diagnostic equipments
  • Blistering and cartoning machines
  • Overwrapping machines
  • Bundle machines
  • Sterilizers
  • Dryers
  • Pharmaceutical grade washers
  • Filling machines for liquid and powder
  • Counting machines for capsule and tablets
  • Tube filler and sealing machines
  • Spare parts and format parts for automatic machines
  • Moulds for tablet press machines

On the basis of the strong experience of its national and international partners, gained in 40 years of activity in the field of industrial automation, we take care of technological renewal and use our resources to propose machines and systems of quality, high profitability and absolute reliability.

Customer needs are always taken into account with the aim of combining efficiency with ease of use and quality at a competitive price. Our experience makes Prenex a valuable reference in the proposal of machines and systems.

We are available for consultancy, through our primary member companies, for the selection of machines, equipment and related services for production in compliance with current GMP/FDA standards.

Together with our partners we continuously improve our business operations, always aiming for innovation and evolution. We believe that the success of our business is created by good teamwork and open and transparent communication with our customers.

Specialized in the supply of machine for the farmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry

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